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We hope that you have enjoyed your journey with us!

We would like to remind you, that whilst we will not be providing facilitation in the comments and discussions after Sunday 1st May, you still have time, if you need it, to catch up with the course activities as they will remain online.

Thank you from all of the ‘Introduction to Linked Data and the Semantic Web’ team

Course content creation:

Special thanks goes to Dr Elena Simperl and Dr Barry Norton.

This course was created in association with the European Data Science Academy project (EU Horizon 2020). The course structure and many of the resources have been adapted from the EUCLID project, and their ‘Using Linked Data Effectively’ eBook. We thank the EUCLID project consortium: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Ontotext, The Open University, STI Research and Consultancy, fluidOps, The University Simón Bolivar and the University of Southampton.

Additional content was adapted and prepared for this course by Dr Chris Phethean (Web and Internet Science Group - WAIS) with support from Kate Dickens (ILIaD), Dr Luis Daniel Ibáñez (WAIS) and Manuel Leon (WAIS/ILIaD).

You were supported by the online facilitation team:

Robert Blair, Dr Luis Daniel Ibáñez, Manuel Leon, Rafael Melgarejo and Dr Chris Phethean.

The course was produced by:

The Institute of Learning Innovation and Development (ILIaD) at the University of Southampton: Kate Dickens (Project Lead), Manuel Leon and Lorrayne Smith with media production by Joe Brett and Sofy Bazzini.

This course would not have been possible without support from:

University of Southampton Communications & Marketing services and Legal Services: Letitia Baldock, Gill Bramley and Frances Teding Van Berkhout.

Pro Vice-Chancellor of Education Alex Neill and the rest of the University senior management team.

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone in the FutureLearn team with a special mention for Kate Sandars from the content team.

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This article is from the free online course:

Introduction to Linked Data and the Semantic Web

University of Southampton

Course highlights Get a taste of this course before you join:

  • Welcome to the course
    Welcome to the course

    Watch Dr Elena Simperl & Dr Barry Norton explain how this short course on linked data & the semantic web can help you use this technology in your work

  • Developing real world applications
    Developing real world applications

    Watch Dr Barry Norton describing some real world applications that have Linked Data as their underlying technology.

  • Welcome to Week 2
    Welcome to Week 2

    Watch Dr Barry Norton explain what you will learn about SPARQL (the query language) on this course and what you will be practicing.