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Classroom task: discovering your students' aspirations

In this task, we want you to consider the STEM aspirations of your students and the skills that they value to be successful at work.

We’ve devised a short survey to use with your students to aid you with this task. First, think of a class you would like to survey and complete the survey yourself based on your understanding of your students. Then, ask your students to provide their responses. You may be surprised by the similarities and differences you find.

What is included in the survey?

We have used the Skills Builder Framework to structure Part A of the survey, which is focused on broad reflections around the transferable skills that are useful at work. Part B of the survey focuses more specifically on attitudes and aspirations about STEM careers.

What is Skills Builder?

The Skills Builder Partnership brings together 800+ organisations around a common approach to skill development. Working with schools, colleges and employers across a range of sectors, Skills Builder has developed progression framework for learning eight skills that are essential in education and employment. We’ve included the skills from the Skills Builder Framework in the survey to provide insight into where your students think their strengths lie.

Task 1. Predict

With a class or small group in mind, go through the survey questions linked in the document below and predict the answers you will get from the group.

Task 2. Survey

With your predictions in place, ask your students to complete the survey. You may find that Part B of the survey is more relevant for older learners.

You can use the Word doc linked above should you wish to use printed forms, or an online Google Form version of this. To use the Google Form, you must make a copy of the template linked below. You can then share the link to your own copy of the form to your students (do not share the link to our copy as you won’t be able to get the data!).

If you are using paper forms, you can use this Excel spreadsheet to collate your data if you wish. Google Forms will put all responses in a Google Sheet.

Additional resource

If you’re interested in conducting more skill specific reflections and self-assessment with your students, explore the resources and training available on the free Skills Builder Hub.

Comment on the survey questions

We’ll discuss your findings in the next step. Feel free to add any comments here about the survey questions and any adaptations you have made.

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