Building upon what you already do

There may be aspects of curriculum-linked careers learning already embedded within your department. We hope you will share these throughout the course and enhance your practice with some of the ideas we present.

There are four areas to explore when looking at how the curriculum links to careers. There are many aspects to each of these areas, but we have selected just one question for each as a starting point for your discussions on the course and back in your department, school or college.

1. School or college wider strategy

  • Is there a formal school, college or department plan for how careers should be implemented in your classroom? For example, careers sessions once a term, careers themed starters, careers specific content identified in your schemes of learning.

2. Classroom experiences

  • Do you provide opportunity for students to personalise an element of their learning in a way that relates to their own career aspirations?

3. Employer linked learning

  • Do you provide students with the opportunity to learn from people who work in a field related to your subject? For example, in lesson presentations, activities, talks.

4. Highlighting further study routes and careers

  • Do you include information in your lessons that help students to understand the further study routes available to them that link to your subject?

What can you build upon?

Take one or two of the areas above and share your current understanding or practice in the comments below. This is a useful point to capture your current thinking, and together with the self-audit from earlier this week, will help you evidence your development through this course.

A full list of prompt questions for each area is available. You can use this as part of a discussion on careers in your department and we’ll learn more about how departments are doing this in Week 4.

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