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Long term evaluation

Successful career learning is more than evaluating how students respond to a lesson.

In Week 4 you will think more about how career learning progresses over longer periods of learning. This may require changes to your long term planning, as well as working collaboratively with other colleagues.

When planning for longer term evaluation, you will need to consider:

  • How are you increasing your awareness of the wide range of careers linked to your subject area?
  • How can you find out if your student’s aspirations have changed?
  • For the students that you have worked with, is there evidence that more of them are interested in undertaking STEM further study options?
  • How can you share good practice with colleagues?
  • Is there support available to help you, should you encounter any challenges in your long term planning?


In the previous step, Hayley explained the use of ‘pupil voice’ twice a year as a way of measuring the impact of changes to the curriculum teaching.

How will you measure the impact of introducing careers into the curriculum in the long term? Post your suggestions below.

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