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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsWe heard at the start of this course how employers are looking to support schools and colleges by enthusing their future STEM workforce. As you engage with employers and build a working relationship, make sure that you are connected with your careers leader, involving them in discussions and sharing contact information. Our experience has found that employer engagement is often with a particular teacher and not made strategically at a careers leader level. With your Careers Leader engaged in the relationship, they can support you to develop the contact and ensure that should you change roles, the employer is still connected to your institution.

Contacting employers and industry

When thinking about working with employers to embed careers learning in the classroom, you will need to work with your careers leader, so they are aware of the contacts you are making.

There may be strategic relationships already being built, and for sustainability, it’s important that all teachers are working together. We look more at working with colleagues in Week 4.

Your careers leader may also be able to recommend employers already partnering with the school or college. You can also consider other potential sources of employer partners. In the UK, these include:


In the audio interview linked below (transcript), Alison, a lecturer in microbiology in a further education college, explains how she keeps in touch with former students and brings them back to the classroom to widen the horizons of her current students.

What processes do you have in place to keep in touch with alumni?

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