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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second GEMMA: A STEM Careers Learning Journey provides an overview of the careers learning that is taking place in a class, year group or subject. The content should be easy to read and quick to consume, showing progression of careers learning over time. For example, a STEM Careers Learning journey for younger students may signpost taking part in a competition to improve their employability skills or watching a video of someone using your subject as part of their job. For older students, the careers learning that you signpost might include curriculum linked work experience, working with an industry mentor or researching study routes as part of a careers focused homework.

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 seconds Your STEM Careers Learning Journey can be graphical or text based, take a look at the examples we have provided to see some of the different ways in which teachers have presented their STEM Careers Learning journey. Once you have a STEM Careers Learning Journey, who should see it? With students your STEM Careers Learning Journey can be displayed on walls, in books or communicated as part of lessons. The aim is to signpost what type of careers learning is taking place, showing students how their careers learning will develop over a term or year. With colleagues, you may wish to share and coordinate your STEM Careers Learning Journeys. Having a signposted plan of careers learning will help you to quickly share your careers planning.

Skip to 1 minute and 22 seconds You may wish to create a department STEM Careers Learning Journey or maybe have an employer section that helps to communicate additional information about particular employer interactions (for example contact details, dates for events, risk assessments). With parents, sharing your STEM Careers Learning Journey will help to increase their understanding of the careers work happening in your classroom, enabling them to better support careers conversations outside of school or college. With your Careers Leader or departmental leadership, sharing your STEM Careers Learning Journey will help to articulate the careers planning and learning taking place in your classroom.

Careers Learning Journey

So far you have planned a lesson with a careers focus and considered how you might approach an employer to enrich a particular topic. But how can you move from one-off career activities to a more structured, long-term approach? A Careers Learning Journey might be the answer.

We are all used to planning for progression in subject content or subject specific skills over a five or seven year curriculum. For example, in Year 7 (age 11) Design and Technology, students might learn about basic material properties, leading on to understanding construction techniques and failure modes of different materials in upper secondary school. Now, we will start to consider how you can adopt a similar long-term approach to planning careers learning within your subject or teaching which ensures progression, as well as breadth of activities, across the year groups.

A Careers Learning Journey can provide an overview of the career learning that is taking place for each year group or subject. Take a look at this poster from STEM Learning for an example of the content that a high level Careers Learning Journey might involve. We’ll have a look at some examples of more detailed Careers Learning Journeys in the next step.


How might you expect careers learning in your subject to change as students move up through the school?

You might have specific examples of existing activities for different year groups which you could share, or discuss progression more broadly in terms of the types of activity you would expect to see.

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