Planning careers learning over time

In this step we look at some examples of Careers Learning Journeys.

Careers Learning Journeys can be mapped out using the small changes you have made as a teacher in your own lessons. Then, you can take your careers links to your departmental meeting to form a collective Careers Learning Journey that includes milestone engagements such as visits and placements.

As you think about a Careers Learning Journey as a planning tool, you’ll need to consider how each activity builds upon previous experiences and where they are best placed within schemes of work. Remember there are is a breadth of activities that might feature on your Careers Learning Journey. One way to consider the activities, is to think about the type of engagement the student is involved in:

  • Listen: for example presentations, information, guest speakers.
  • Meet: for example apprentices, employers, researchers.
  • Do: for example factory tours, competitions, activities, collaborative projects
  • Research: for example research projects, homework’s.
  • Join: for example taking part in optional activities, STEM Clubs, Engineering clubs.


What are the benefits to thinking about progression in your provision of careers learning? Draw upon the examples from the video and the breadth of activities indicated above as to how careers learning could develop in your subject over time.

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