Q&A with course educators

All online CPD courses from the National STEM Learning Centre provide an opportunity to ask the educators more detailed questions as part of the course Q&A session.

We record educator responses to your outstanding questions from your reflection grids and course discussions. If there are ideas from the course you wish to explore further or issues about your own teaching context, then the Q&A provides a final opportunity to explore these with expert insight.


Gemma recorded responses to topics raised across the course in the Q&A video. Thank you to all of you who contributed to discussions positively and reflected on how you might take ideas into your own practice.

  • 0:20 - Adapting a scheme of work
  • 2:00 - Example of a careers wall
  • 3:35 - Getting your department involved
  • 5:16 - Creating a careers learning journey
  • 7:05 - Finding out about your students
  • 8:33 - The role of teachers in careers learning
  • 10:52 - Taking ideas from the course forward

A transcript will be available soon.

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