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Skip to 0 minutes and 14 seconds Welcome back to Live Smart. I’m Lilian, your presenter for week two. This week, you’ll be focusing on what you need to know when you start uni. You’ll hear current students talk about their first day on campus and their experience of being independent. You’ll also explore some of the questions that come up for new students, like what I need to have when I move in?, how do I live on a budget?, and what happens in Freshers’ Week? You will also get a chance to work out what’s important to you when it comes to living arrangements to help you decide which you’d prefer.

Skip to 0 minutes and 40 seconds You’ll be introduced to some of the big issues that new students experience, and you’ll hear from support staff who will discuss their role in helping students. And let’s not forget the practical stuff too, such as signing up to services you’ll need, like a doctor’s surgery, working out where everything is in a new place, and knowing how to look after yourself. We’ll also be touching on where to find out about social events in and outside of campus. We hope you enjoy week two.

Welcome to Week 2

Welcome to Week 2!

Meet your presenter for this Week, Lilian, and find out what you’ll be covering about things to know when you start.

In this Week you’ll explore topics that are useful for you to know during your first few weeks of university, such as:

  • Discuss what accommodation is right for you and how to prepare for moving in
  • Find out what happens when you first arrive and experience a university welcome week (also known as freshers week)
  • Understand why you’ll need to budget at university and share your top tips for saving money
  • Look at techniques for building your support network whilst you’re at university so you know where to go if you need further help.

Remember to watch for comments made by Lead Educator, David Dobraszczyk and his team of mentors: Calum, Issy, Thanagid and Emma. They are here to share their knowledge and past experiences of starting uni and happy to answer your questions.

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