How to use FutureLearn

If this is the first course you’ve taken on FutureLearn, this page will help you find your way around.

Si aquest és el teu primer curs a FutureLearn, aquesta informació t’ajudarà a orientar-te. La versió en català és al document del final de la pàgina.

Si este es tu primer curso en FutureLearn, esta información te ayudará a orientarte. La versión en castellano se encuentra en el documento al final de la página.

Click the course title Introduction to Catalan Sign Language at the top of each page to see all the weeks for the course and the steps for the week you are in.

Progress in the course

Do not forget to click ‘Mark as complete’ (bottom right) after finishing each step. You can view your course progress by clicking on the ‘Progress’ button on top of each page.


Engaging with other learners and offering peer support is an underlying ethos of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Check out FutureLearn’s Six tips and tools for social learning to help you make the most of peer learning and support.

Your profile (top right)

The information accessed via your photo (or the profile icon) is generic to all the FutureLearn courses you’re enrolled in. The ‘My profile’ page is where you find all the people you follow – or who follow you. Be sure to fill out your profile if you haven’t already.

Notifications (top right)

You can use the Notification option to see what activity there has been on any of your posts (replies or likes).

The pink FutureLearn icon (top left)

Information you access here relates only to the course you are currently working in. If you are not working in a course, it will take you to your list of courses.

Finding your way around

There are three icons at the top of each step to help you make the most from your learning experience.

To do

The first icon takes you to your to do list which shows all the steps in each week of the course. You can take a look ahead to see what’s coming up, or go back to previous weeks and catch up.

At the start of each week, we’ll email you to introduce the week’s topics. You should learn at your own pace, but we encourage you to join the conversations happening in the current week if you can.

If you haven’t completed the course by the end of the final week, don’t worry! The course materials will remain open to you indefinitely on FutureLearn.


The second icon takes you to the activity feed, which shows the most recent comments posted by learners and educators on this course.


The third icon takes you to your progress page, where you’ll see what percentage of the course steps that you have marked as complete.

Comments and discussions

Learning from conversations is an important part of the FutureLearn approach. On this course, we ask that you add comments in English text or in LSC (via a video link).

If you find a comment which was really useful or interesting, click the Like button!

Don’t forget, whilst robust debate is encouraged, it’s important that you follow the FutureLearn Code of Conduct and are respectful of your fellow learners.

Follow others

If you want to keep track of someone’s comments easily, click the Follow button next to their name (or on their profile page).

We recommend you follow:

Josep Quer, lead educator
Gemma Barberà, educator
Delfina Aliaga, educator
Santiago Frigola, educator

Filtering comments

You can click to filter the comments on a step to switch between all comments, comments by people you’re following, the most-liked comments, and your own comments.

Want a certificate?

If you want a record of your course, you can buy a Certificate of Achievement from FutureLearn.

Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement is a great way to prove what you have learned on the course and as evidence of your Continuing Professional Development. This is a personalised certificate and transcript, detailing the syllabus and learning outcomes from the course. It comes as a printed certificate as well as a digital version which you can add to your LinkedIn profile. To qualify, you must have marked at least 90% of the steps in the course complete, have attempted all test questions and achieved a 70% or above score across all tests in the course.

There is also the option to purchase a personalised Statement of Participation, to celebrate taking part. To be eligible for the Statement of Participation, you must mark at least 50% of the steps on the course as complete. This also comes in a printed and digital format and you can add it to your LinkedIn profile.

If this is your first time using FutureLearn, you may want to take a look at the FAQs.

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