Skip to 0 minutes and 18 secondsHere is a fridge. The fridge is red on the outside and white on the inside. Inside the fridge there is a lot of food. Now I’m going to tell you the number of each food item, ok? Careful! I’ll say 2 things incorrectly. After, you’ll have to find the differences! The fridge has 2 shelves.

Skip to 1 minute and 0 secondsOn the top shelf there is: 6 eggs 1 whole chicken 9 small pieces of meat 2 fish

Skip to 1 minute and 19 secondsOn the middle shelf there is: 12 small tomatoes More than 10 asparagus 7 strawberries 7 kiwis

Skip to 1 minute and 43 secondsOn the bottom shelf there is: 3 small bottles of water 4 cans of beer

The fridge

In this video Delfina explains which food is inside the fridge. Be careful, because she’s going to say two things incorrectly. You will discover the two incorrect things in the next step.

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