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Skip to 0 minutes and 19 seconds Deaf signers also have a name they are identified by, as well as their official names: their sign name. The way to choose this sign name is very easy. For example, a really well-known celebrity will have a sign name and a name. When there is another person with the same name, they receive the sign name of the celebrity. In other cases, a physical feature or something memorable about the person’s face is used, or the kind of clothes they wear, the shape of their eyes, their eyebrows, mouth, nose, ears or hair, and from this information they give themselves a sign name. Sometimes the sign name is a habit or gesture that stands out and that the person often repeats.

Skip to 1 minute and 33 seconds It may also represent the person’s work or profession. In other cases, a hobby could be used, or something the person really likes to do. Sometimes, the initial of a name is used or a significant letter is represented with the finger alphabet along with some kind of modification. The sign name is also given according to the region, country or town where the person lives. Lastly, a sign name can be inherited from a family member and modified.

What is a name sign?

In this video, Santi explains what a name sign is and when we use it.

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