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How do I ask a question with an interrogative sign?

In this step we will focus on interrogative signs, which are usually studied as a topic of syntax. We will study basic syntax in LSC during Week 5, but here we introduce the fundamentals of asking questions. If you want to know more about syntax, we recommend you to have a look at the Grammar of Catalan Sign Language.

The most typical way to ask content questions in LSC is using interrogative signs. The most frequent interrogative signs are what?, who?, which?, how?, when?, how much/how many?, where?, why?

The general structure for asking questions with interrogative signs in LSC is subject + verb + interrogative sign with non-manual marking. For example, to ask “What is Jordi eating?” in LSC the interrogative sign will be placed at the end of the sentence, together with furrowed eyebrows.

Below you will find examples of interrogative signs in LSC, followed by an example of a question with the same interrogative sign.

1. What?

What is Jordi eating?

2. Who?

Who is reading the newspaper?

3. Which?

Which dog does Alexandra want?

4. How?

How did Delfina fall?

5. When?

When will Santi come?

Depending on whether we are asking about the future or the past, the movement of the sign when will be modified: forward (future) or backward (past).

6. How much/how many?

How many campuses does UPF have?

7. Where?

Where does Sara live?

8. Why?

Why is Marc not playing?

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