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Skip to 0 minutes and 18 seconds Now I’m going to tell you a story about a grandmother called Maria. She is 72 years old, but is in great shape and is always playing with her 8-year-old grandson, Thomas. They spend their days riding bikes, skipping and playing ball. They even play football! For Thomas, his grandma is another one of his friends, because they are always playing and having fun together. Grandma cooks very well. She cooks each week and makes all kinds of puddings, like chocolate cake, or cheesecake, or strawberry ice-cream. One day she made a delicious cake and when her grandson saw it, he tasted it and really liked it. After eating the cake, both went to the park to play a game of football.

Skip to 2 minutes and 22 seconds They both ran up and down the pitch and when the grandson scored a goal, his grandmother congratulated him. Grandma, who was a real joker, wanted to show her grandson where there was a rabbit. She opened the door of the cage and the rabbit ran out. The pair couldn’t stop laughing, they had such a great time. As time went by, they went on playing together and having a great time, until the day came that grandma began to feel unwell and she felt very tired. Grandma stayed in bed, wrapped up, and cried out for her grandson. When he saw her he couldn’t believe the state she was in and he asked her what was going on.

Skip to 3 minutes and 38 seconds His grandmother explained that she didn’t feel very well and she was tired. Straight away the boy sat at the foot of the bed and she asked him if he could see the white flowers from the window. The boy looked out the window and said that he could, and then his grandmother told him that one day the flowers would wilt, and that the same thing would happen to her. The boy began to cry and thought that there was no way that could happen, so he got up from the bed and ran to water the white flowers so that they would never die. He also protected them with a cage to stop the rabbit from eating them.

Skip to 4 minutes and 39 seconds One day when there was a lot of rain and thunder, he quickly went to cover the flowers with an umbrella to protect them, so that they wouldn’t die. A few days later, his father was cutting the grass and the boy begged him to be careful not to cut the white flowers, and his father said that he wouldn’t cut them, that he could relax. The winter arrived, and with it came the cold and the snow, and the plants slowly began to wilt until they died. The grandmother at that moment also died. The boy was very sad and cried a lot. He went to see the rabbit and told him what had happened and they hugged.

Skip to 5 minutes and 49 seconds As they hugged Thomas began to dream. The spring arrived and one day while Thomas was out walking, he saw the wilted flowers had grown again. He saw how the sun shone and Thomas felt his grandmother close to him. He ran to the rabbit to tell him. They both felt really happy, they hugged

Skip to 6 minutes and 27 seconds and played the same games they had played with grandma: riding bikes, skipping, playing football, etc. Now they are both very happy.

Mary, the grandmother

In this video, Delfina tells the story of Mary, a grandmother, and her grandson Thomas.

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