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Signing declarative and interrogative clauses

So far, we have seen how to make a declarative sentence in LSC, as well as how to ask a content question (with and without interrogative signs). Remember that in most of the cases in declarative sentences the verb is placed at the end. In content questions, the interrogative sign is also placed at the end.

Below you will find some examples where Gemma first signs a declarative sentence and then signs the corresponding content question.

We would like you to do the same. Record two sentences: a declarative and a content question in a single video. Share a link to this video in the comments. Don’t forget the facial expression in the interrogative version!

1a. The LSC team at UPF prepares the MOOC course.

1b. What does the LSC team at UPF prepare?

2a. The MOOC course is organized by the LSC team at UPF.

2b. Who organizes the MOOC course?

3a. The MOOC course started on the 4th of April.

3b. When did the MOOC course start?

4a. The MOOC course has more than 5,000 participants.

4b. How many participants does the MOOC course have?

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