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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds I’d like to set you an action research task to do with your students in your teaching space. I’d like you to define a routine with the students– just in three steps. It must be phrased positively, and given a sharp focus for the next week. Display it clearly. Make sure that the students are focused on it. And when you establish it, immediately catch students who are following it and doing the right thing. At the same time, identify students who are not following it and speak to them privately and discreetly. Make the routine a really sharp focus. By the end of the week, your students should be saying to you, “OK we know the routine– enough already.”

Skip to 0 minutes and 52 seconds And I want you to see if you can track any improvements in behavior from a single focus on a simple routine in the next week.

Routines with students

‘OK sir, we know the routine. We know it!’

Video summary

Establishing routines with students is vital in the creation of a supportive, trusting environment. Just as importantly, it gives you a foundation upon which to work, the space to concentrate on teaching and learning. The routines you set up are like the subconscious act of breathing.

Define a simple routine for your teaching space with your students or use the one that you created earlier in this chapter.

  1. Phrase it positively
  2. Make it your focus for the whole week, displaying it on the wall or board
  3. Establish it immediately by catching students very time they follow the routine and have a private word with those who don’t

By the end of the week when the students are fed up of you reminding them about it, you know the job is done… Then onto the next one.

Reflection: your routines

Share your experiences in the comments on this step. In your post tell us what routine you created and the impact it had on you and on your learners.

Please remember not to mention individuals, schools or other organisations by name. Please respect others’ confidentiality and privacy at all times.

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