On Tuesday 9 May Becca Knowles, Head of Network at the National STEM Learning Centre, will be responding your questions and extending topics from Weeks 1 and 2.

The Q&A1 session (“What would you do differently?”) will be facilitated by Jane Winter. A recording with sub-titles is now available via YouTube. A list of questions with timestamp URLs and a transcript are also available.

How to submit your questions

We encourage you to review any of the questions or comments you have already recorded.

Between now and 8 May please post questions for Becca in the discussion on Step 1.17. You can also ‘like’ other learners’ questions that you would particularly like to see asked.

We will include any updated information about the session in the email that is due to be distributed at the start of Week 3.

For the latest information see the Updates below.

This page will also be updated frequently - so please keep checking back for the latest state of play.


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