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Research and further reading

The debate rages about whether schools should be using extrinsic rewards for students in school.

An entertaining read is ‘Punished by Rewards: The trouble with gold stars, incentive plans, A’s, praise, and other bribes’ by Kohn. What you may be looking to implement is a way of working that involves encouragement and sincere praise that recognises and acknowledges appropriate behaviours. Have a read of this short article by Kohn to see if his beliefs resonate with you.

An IPSOS Mori Poll in 2009 reported that parents think that appropriate behaviour is one of the reasons that they choose a school for their children and that they wish to support schools in that endeavour. The Steer Report (2009) stated that schools have a clear responsibility to work with and support parents in caring for their children. Research by Kinder et al in 1999 found specifically that communications home were well received by both students and parents.

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