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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds So this week we’ve been looking at how to apply negative consequences without causing confrontation. And of course, using micro scripts is at the core of that practice. Your action research for the following week is to use your micro script that you created, your 30 second intervention, and to use it with your students and to gauge their reaction. Now be careful, don’t go to your trickiest students in your most difficult class and try and employing new techniques. Use them with some of the students who you know already that you’ve got some leverage with. Use it with some of your better classes. Get confident in using it.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 seconds And spend this week practicing that micro script so it becomes part of your routine, it becomes a natural part of the way you speak and the way you address behavior. And I would say, just watch for the reaction of students who are used to a variety of responses. Watch their reactions to your quite formal, quite deliberate, and repetitive micro script.

Your micro-script

Practise, practise and practise again.

Video Summary

Your action-research for this week is to practise your newly created micro script. You know this is the hard bit, right? This is the time to remind yourself that deliberate and perfect practice makes perfect; delivering negative consequences to students will become part of your new vocabulary, part of your new set of routines, past of the new you.

Start to deliver the 30 second script with your less demanding classes. Practise with them to hone your delivery and build your confidence. Watch for their reactions to your new delivery style; the deadpan, repetitive monotonous confidence you exude when saying something they may not necessarily like.

Then when you feel as though the script trips off your tongue as easily as breathing, begin to use it with those students who perhaps test you more often. Then you know the technique has become part of your new routine and finally your identity has begun to change.


Feedback on your experiences of delivering your micro-script and engaging in 30 second interventions via the comments below.

In your post tell us about your intervention script and the effect it had on learners.

  • What was the response you got?
  • How did it feel for you?
  • Did it get easier to deliver the script during the week?

Please remember not to mention individuals, schools or other organisations by name. Please respect others’ confidentiality and privacy at all times.

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