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Ten reasons for following up incidents personally

  1. The teacher best placed to have an impact on the behaviour of the student in their class is the class teacher.
  2. Senior colleagues cannot control the behaviour of students remotely.
  3. The student may come to the next lesson feeling resentment towards you if they have been passed up to another member of staff. You have no control over what happens and how that student is treated by others.
  4. Inclusion is about building relationships with every learner regardless of their individual needs.
  5. You have a responsibility to talk to the student about their behaviour, repair trust and reinforce high expectations for the next lesson.
  6. If you pass responsibility to a senior colleague the student begins to imagine that you are not able to manage their behaviour.
  7. You can use the opportunity to build your relationship with the student.
  8. Many young people with chaotic home lives are testing whether the adults around them are going to give up and pass them onto someone else.
  9. You may discover information about the incident or background to it that will prove useful when managing the student in future.
  10. Colleagues see that you are committed to managing the behaviour of all learners; when you ask for support it is more likely to be provided enthusiastically.

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