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Self-audit task (revisited)

This survey is an exact repeat of the self-audit you took at the start of the course - this will help us to understand the impact of this course.

Answer honestly about where you are now, not where you want to be.

Assuming that you retained a copy of your earlier responses, your honest answers will help you to identify what areas of practice you still need to focus on and will let you know which sections of the course from the last 5 weeks you should take time to revisit.

The statements from the survey are reproduced below:

  • I am careful about how I speak to students
  • I am consistent in managing behaviour
  • I tell students the rules for my teaching space (classroom/workshop/laboratory)
  • I plan what I am going to say to students in conversations about behaviour
  • I have excellent working relationships with other members of staff
  • I focus on rewarding good behaviour
  • I chase up students who miss deadlines and detentions
  • I stick to a stepped system of sanctions
  • I seek support and advice on dealing with students with challenging behaviour when I need it
  • I am confident at managing behaviour in practical lessons

Please go to the survey now and indicate your level of agreement with these statements. Feel free to discuss the statements via the comments on this step.

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Managing Behaviour for Learning

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