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Getting the most from this course

Professional development is essential for teachers to progress as teaching practitioners. There are many challenges in integrating professional development into regular practice, but in this course you will be prompted to experiment, create resources, reflect, share your ideas in discussions and capture your progress.

If you are doing this course with colleagues from your school or cluster of schools, we would encourage you to ‘follow’ each other. Then you’ll easily be able to see comments from the people you know.

Learning together

This course is designed so you learn with your fellow participants, particularly via the discussions. By writing comments you take the time to think and reflect on your understanding. Share your thoughts and questions about the course and your experiences of learning and teaching. If you need help, post a question as a comment in the relevant course step. If you can help a fellow learner, don’t be afraid to reply and make a suggestion.

Each time you post, consider how you can:

  • offer your understanding, rather than counter views
  • add your perceptions, inviting others to reply to you
  • listen to responses and respond rather than ignore contributions

We look forward to supporting your developing over the next few weeks.


We will highlight various resources as we go along but here are two free collections of behaviour management-related resources:

On with the course

In the next step Paul shares his first experience of teaching and invites you to share what you might learn from chaotic lessons. Click Mark as Complete below and then click Next.

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Managing Behaviour for Learning

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