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Review of the week

It is vitally important that we understand risk context.

Because, despite all the processes, procedures, frameworks and guidance available the dynamic and complex nature or emergency risk management will always dictate that decision-making, leadership and joint working is dependent upon those concerned fully understanding the environment within which they are operating.

This week you have…

  • described risk in an emergency management context ‘loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events.’

  • described a risk management process contained within BS ISO31000 and evaluated the applicability of such a model to the world of emergency management.

  • examined the importance of setting the risk context before we develop our management process looking at strategic analysis, societal and gender elements.

  • considered the different ways that responding agencies can view the risk context.

Your task

In terms of importance, which of the factors that affects the risk context is the most important to emergency managers?

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