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Let's Make a Map

Let’s Make A Map

As a fun little introduction to the course, I’d like all of you to contribute to our course map. The goal here is to create an interactive map showing where everyone is located and to have some basic details about the makeup of the course. Along the way you’ll get a little bit of experience with the mapping platform we’ll be using for lab assignments.

First, click here to launch ArcGIS Online.

Once the map has loaded, navigate to your home location using your mouse or search for a place using the search box. Then click on the notepad/pencil icon and click the purple Participant pin in the map legend to select it as the feature you’d like to add to the map.

When you place your mouse cursor over the map now, you should see a little instruction box telling you to click in order to add your point to the map. Find your home on the map and click that spot to add your pin.

After you add a pin, you’ll see a popup box with three fields to populate. The first asks you to choose your age range, the second asks you to state your gender, and the third which says “UseMaps” is where I’d like you to write a sentence saying how you use maps. I think it’ll be really interesting to see what people all over the world answer to that question.

When you’ve added your answers, just click the X to close the pop-up and you’re all set. You’ve added your pin to our course map! We’ll be using this map as part of our discussion assignment in Week 1, so it’ll come in handy right away.

Check out a video demo of how it’s done

I Put My Point In The Wrong Place, Now What?!

It’s not a big deal, just add another point in the right spot. I’ve set it up so that you cannot delete anything, otherwise some awesome internet person would probably start deleting everyone’s points and ruining our fun.

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