Skip to 0 minutes and 0 secondsSo, you've solved the first two parts of the alien problem. It's time to get back to it now, for the next symbology, which looks like it's written in bits. We have a house over here with 0100 inside and this equals to 1111 to the power of 0101, minus 0001 divided by 7, the only number that's not in binary. And by the way, just remember that this has an equals sign, to the Roman numeral line above. Does that point to something?

Try and solve the computer symbology part of the course challenge

It’s time again for the course challenge. Try and decipher the third line of the challenge:

Course challenge - bits

Hint: This might be binary, but it might also be Gray code. What do you think?

You can ask for hints in the discussion, but don’t give away the answer. That you’ll be able to see on the next step. Good Luck!

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