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Recreational math and science in school?

Just before we leave...

Just before we leave, I would like to tell you a bit about how important I feel it is to incorporate topics such as what we have just learnt in the course in the regular school curriculum, or at least, to give children even outside the school the opportunity to ‘sharpen’ their brains with similar activities.

The 21st century that we live in is a true revolution. Many jobs that our children will work in, haven’t even been invented yet! Although technology is advancing at a breathtaking pace, there is, and always will be, the human brains behind, alongside and complementing the technology. It is these brains, that we want to nurture and I know no better way than challenges that get kids to really and truly ‘think’, like the challenges we have met throughout the course.

Furthermore, it is not the course material, information or data that is important, it is the process of ‘coaching’ the brain that is!

What is your opinion? Should recreational math and science be exercised in the classroom?

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