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Finding a percentage of an amount

If we want to find 25% of 60, this is the same as finding a quarter of 60. Finding a quarter is relatively simple: we halve and then halve again.

Half of 60 is 30. Half of 30 is 15.

25% of 60 = 15.

Worked example showing 25% is equal to one quarter. This is the same as dividing twice by 2.

Practice questions

Attempt the following calculations. Try to do them without a calculator. What you notice about your answers? Write your findings below.

a. 36% of 50
b. 28% of 50
c. 46% of 50
d. 48% of 25
e. 64% of 25
f. 40% of 75
g. 80% of 12.5

We will discuss these types of questions in more detail in the next step.

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