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Fractions to decimals: will it recur?

In the previous step we asked you to practice converting random fractions into decimals. Did you spot any patterns?


By considering the denominators of the fractions, how would you explain how we can tell whether a fraction will terminate or recur when expressed as a decimal?

Post your answers below.

We’ve included our explanation of how to determine whether a fraction terminates or recurs as a decimal in the final step of this week.

Problem sheet

Now complete question 2 from this week’s worksheet.

Teaching resource

For further ideas of how terminating and recurring decimals can be introduced in the classroom, watch this video from Teachers TV in which mathematics teacher Jonny Heeley inspires a group of students with an interactive lesson on decimals.

Terminating and recurring decimals are explored using a variety of games and challenges to excite and entertain. The students are also helped to calculate and use Pi.

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