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How can impact measurement be applied in your own circumstances?

By now, you should have a clearer theoretical understanding of impact, having discussed principles with fellow your learners and scanned what other organisations are doing. Now it’s time to identify how impact measurement can be applied in your own circumstances – bending theory to practice.

Your task

Select a specific organisation that you know, or use your own situation and create a simple impact measurement instrument/framework for that specific situation.

You may wish to refer to the Impact Measurement Toolkit from Kingston Smith and refresh your memory of the impact measurement approaches introduced in Step 2.4.

Please create your framework in whatever format you prefer. You could write it down or get creative and make a video or image.

When you are ready to share, add your framework to the ‘Your Impact Measurement Framework’ Padlet (see this guide to using Padlet for help on how to do this).

Check out your fellow learners’ frameworks and support each other by providing feedback through the comments within Padlet.

In the comments here, share your reflections and discuss what you’ve learned from this exercise.

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