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Skip to 0 minutes and 3 seconds A bomb blast at the District hospital this morning has left between 10 and 20 people injured. The explosion happened at dawn, damaging the hospital kitchen in the side wing of the building. The wounded victims of the blast are believed to be mostly kitchen staff who are being treated for minor injuries in the hospital’s emergency unit. The Governor of the province has spoken out, blaming Muslim separatist insurgents for the attack which he said “marked a new level in the conflict”. There has been an escalation in violence during recent months after 10 years of bitter fighting.

Skip to 0 minutes and 33 seconds Political reactions at both the regional and national level have been quick to point to the insurgent rebels as the authors of the attack, however no organisation has yet claimed responsibility. Investigations into the source of the bomb are underway. Military personnel have secured the hospital, restricting civilian access to the compound with road blocks and barbed wire fences. A spokesman for the military described the action as “protective measures designed to ensure the continued functioning of the hospital”. This is the first time a hospital has been targeted in a rebel attack and staff are said to be concerned about the impact of the military involvement, which they believe could restrict important outreach health programmes.

The bomb blast

This is the kind of news we routinely hear coming from conflict areas.

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