Meet the team

This course is taught by a core team of four educators, assisted by experts with experience in the scenarios that are discussed. Each week, you will be taught by a different member of the core team.

Stefi Barna is the lead educator on this course. She teaches global health and development studies at Azim Premji University in Bangalore (India), Queen Mary University of London (UK) and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (UK).

Klaus Melf is Deputy Chief Medical Officer in the City of Bergen (Norway). Over the past two decades he has studied the long tradition of medical engagement against war, weapons and violence. He is the driving force behind this course, and was the lead author of the Medical Peace Work textbook published in 2012.

Ingvild Fossgard Sandøy conducts research in public health and is based at the University of Bergen (Norway). Her interest is in sexual and reproductive health and interpersonal violence. She was a co-editor of the Medical Peace Work textbook published in 2012.

Adi Vyas is a Medical Advisor at the Ministry of Health in Sydney (Australia). He has previously worked in Australia, United Kingdom, and with the World Health Organization in Sierra Leone and India.

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