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First consultation

Later that afternoon Peace Abilowale and Mrs Jones enters the office of Dr. Talbot. Mrs Jones  explains "Peace came here from Uganda and she's been unwell ever since and she needs to see a doctor". The doctor smiles and says "You're here now. How can I help?" Mrs Jones: Tell the doctor what the problem is, Peace.
Peace Abilowale Since I am here... I have been... coughing blood... I do not sleep... I lose weight... Dr. Talbot: weight loss,Insomnia, haemoptysis.... Dr. Talbot examins Peace:Deep breath in ... and out. Dr. Talbot says: "To be honest, I'm not sure exactly what's going on but we nee·d to rule out tuberculosis. I'll arrange some tests and see you again to discuss the results in a couple of weeks. Peace Abilowale and Mrs Jones are about to leave the doctor. Excellent! Thank you, doctor.

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