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What is a case study?

Throughout this course, we will be referring to case studies as practical examples of how mental skills training can be applied. We have selected three examples from very different backgrounds in order to illustrate how individuals of all kinds can benefit from mental skills training. Case studies also help us to demonstrate how the individual needs of a client shape the choices that a sport psychologist must make. There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ mental skills training programmes. Each one should be individually tailored to the clients needs.

Each case study in this course is presented as a short description of an individual’s background and some of the challenges they are currently facing. Following each case study, you will be presented with some questions to answer using what you have learned so far. These questions act as starting points for further discussion amongst yourselves as learners. Case studies provide a safe place to propose any ideas that you have and you can learn from the different approaches each of you adopts to help the client.

In the next three steps, we will introduce you to our case study clients: Phoebe, Ibrahim, and Geoff. Keep them in mind as you progress through the course!  

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