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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 secondsWARWICK DUNN: The team here in Birmingham hope that you've enjoyed the first week of our course,

Skip to 0 minutes and 9 secondsMetabolomics: Understanding Metabolism in the 21st Century. In this first week, we have introduced you to the field of metabolomics, described how this 21st century technique is changing how we study metabolism, and discussed the advantages of studying the metabolome. Next week, we will introduce you to the multi-disciplinary approaches applied in metabolomics. How has a vast amount of data that is generated in omics studies altered to scientific approaches that we apply to enable us to find new, exciting, and life-changing biological discoveries? Next week we will be joined by some of our collaborators who will tell you how metabolomics is impacting on their research areas from both the clinical and environmental sciences.

Skip to 0 minutes and 54 secondsAnd two PhD students from our research groups will tell you about their exciting research. Please be interactive. Discuss the topics from this week on the forums and on Twitter. And let us know your thoughts and questions about the subject. We look forward to sharing your interesting and insightful comments and welcoming you back to the course next week.

End of week summary

Congratulations on completing the first week of the course. We hope that you enjoyed it.

Take this opportunity to review any parts of Week 1 and watch the film presented by Professor Warwick Dunn highlighting the main points covered during Week 1 and a brief overview of what to look forward to in Week 2.

At the end of Week 4 we will record a Q&A video to answer your questions, please post any questions in the comments section.

Learning through this course is a social activity and we hope that you will share your comments on the discussion pages. You can also join in the conversation on twitter by including the #FLmetabolomics in your tweets and by following the Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre twitter account.

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Metabolomics: Understanding Metabolism in the 21st Century

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