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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds RICHARD CHAMBERS: In the end, mindfulness just means being fully present and engaged in each moment of our lives. And so we can bring that to our lives in all kinds of different ways, we can clean our teeth mindfully, actually paying attention to that minty freshness, we can wash the dishes mindfully, we can walk places mindfully and we can drive places mindfully. But of course, most of us when we’re driving aren’t paying full attention are we? Our minds are already at the destination thinking about what we’re gonna do when we get there, or we’re annoyed at the other drivers on the road, getting lost in stories and judgments about that.

Skip to 0 minutes and 37 seconds And so driving is a place that we can really start to bring mindfulness into our lives. Just by paying attention to what’s happening, looking at the road in front, hey that might be a good idea! Holding the steering wheel, feeling our body sitting in the seat, being with our breath just so that we stay more present when we’re driving. So mindful driving is a really good way of bringing mindfulness more fully into each moment of our lives.

Mindful driving

Watch Richard talk about mindful driving.

While you’re watching, consider the ‘everyday’ activities that you engage with throughout your day and reflect on how you might apply mindfulness to the way you engage with them. These themes will be relevant to your learning throughout the course.

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