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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 seconds CRAIG HASSED: We are social creatures. We have relationships at home and at work. Countries have relationships with each other, so we are social creatures. So a really important topic for mindfulness is, how can mindfulness help us to communicate better to relate better to others? So this session is not just going to involve the theory of mindful communication, but also the informal practise of how to do it in our daily life. As well as exploring some formal practises of mindfulness meditation to particularly hone the sense of hearing– how to listen better. And particularly when communicating, to notice where our attention’s going. So this will be very practical, but hopefully a very important week to consider.

Introduction to week 5

Watch Craig Hassed introduce this week’s topic on the relationship between mindfulness, communication and relationships.

The week’s topics will include the theory of mindful communication but also the informal practice of being mindful while conversing in your daily life and some formal practices aimed at honing listening and reducing the interference associated with default mode.

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