Feedback from the educators

Watch Craig and Richard chat about the conversations and questions that have arisen from comments, discussions and learner activity throughout the third week of the course. We hope you enjoy it.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

A transcript of this feedback video is available from the Downloads section of this step.

In the See also section, you can also access links discussed in the video, for optional information.

We sometimes include papers and articles to help demonstrate some of the research in this area, but we do not expect you to purchase a subscription to read a full paper.

Hopefully, just reading summaries provided in free abstracts will be sufficient for those of you wanting to know more about studies.

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If you haven’t already, follow your course mentors Dr Sherelle Connaughton and Susan Beaton to stay up to date with key discussion threads and news.

Please note, the mentors are predominantly focused in discussions for the current week, rather than the whole course at any one time. So please try to keep your discussions to the active week if you’re hoping to engage with the mentors.

Take your time

We hope that you’ll move through the course with us, roughly in the order of each week. Please take time to review and reflect on the week’s content and meditations before progressing to new material.

Doing this will also give you the opportunity to reflect on the comments made by the course mentors as well as other learners.

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