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Skip to 0 minutes and 13 secondsWelcome to week three. Week three is an important week. We're going to be exploring why does mindfulness matter for learning and performance? Many people associate mindfulness with being more relaxed, and indeed we do relax. But there's a kind of relaxation that's associated with apathy and poor performance. In mindfulness, we're interested in being more able to be clm, but to use that calmness and focus to help us to perform or to learn better. And attention is really a prerequisite for being able to function well, because when we're more mindful, the executive functioning areas of the brain are working better.

Skip to 0 minutes and 49 secondsIf they are not working with pretty much on automatic pilot and not really very aware of what's going on around us and not able to relate well to it. So in this state we're missing a lot of what we need to be paying attention to. We're also going to be looking at some of the modern challenges for being mindful, like multitasking, but also how to deal with these complex environments where many things are bombarding us and influencing our attention. So dealing with distracter influence is a very important topic we'll be looking at as well.

Skip to 1 minute and 21 secondsAnd the last thing that we'll be having a look at will be the cognitive aspects of mindfulness, the big four if you like, and we're going to be exploring these and how they might help us to deal with things like stress and anxiety and improving our mood. So we hope that you enjoy week three of the programme.

Welcome to week 3

Watch Craig introduce why attention matters for learning and performance.

Attention is a prerequisite for our executive functioning areas of the brain to engage. Without that happening we will likely be performing on automatic pilot unaware of what we are missing and functioning well below our potential.

This week we will also be looking at some of the modern challenges for being mindful like multitasking and dealing with distractor influence. The other main topic for the week – the cognitive aspects of mindfulness – will be introduced. These are crucial to our mental and emotional health.

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