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Learners completing this week's study group task.

Introducing study groups

In this course, you have the opportunity to join a study group. In your study group you will learn together with around 80 other learners who joined the group around the same time as you – most of them will comment, reply and like though some may choose to just read the conversation.

You will use the study group to discuss themes or topics from each week. We know learning in groups is a powerful way to share knowledge, experience and perspectives. Through learning in this way we create new ideas and deeper understanding than we would learning alone.

The course mentors will occasionally be present in study groups, providing guidance and feedback as the course progresses. We’ll also give you many opportunities to share the outcomes of your study group discussion with us and the rest of the learners on the course.

Do I have to join a study group?

Study groups are optional and are an adjunct to the main course. They are best suited to learners who like to post comments and who started the course during Week 1 (Monday 6 February to Sunday 12 February).

For learners who commenced the course later, or who prefer to focus only on the main course content, there is no requirement or expectation to join a study group.

It should also be noted that the mentors focus on each week of the course as it unfolds in real time, hence they are unable to facilitate discussions from Week 1 that occur after Sunday 12 February.

How do I join a study group?

To join a study group, please select the Study Group tab at the top of this step and then select the Join a Study Group button. If you wish to leave a group then you can do so by selecting on ‘leave group’ on the top right of the study group page. Once you have left a group you can join another group at any time.

Go to the next step to learn more about this week’s study group task.

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Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

Monash University

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