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In this course you’ve explored the science, practice and application of mindfulness and have learned how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your life to reduce stress, improve mental health and enhance your personal and professional life.

However, six weeks is a very short time to learn mindfulness. We have really just planted a seed and set you in the direction of greater awareness, engagement and compassion.

As well as continuing to cultivate your meditation practice and continuing to apply mindfulness in your life, you may be interested in knowing more about it. That’s why we have create this list of resources for you to explore.





Learning and support outside the course

An option for ongoing learning and support is to find a meditation group in your area. Although some regions are more isolated than others, there are a growing number classes offered in community centres, schools, health clinics, yoga schools, churches and other religious and spiritual centres. Our hope is that your experiences in the course will help you quickly work out whether what they are teaching is congruent with mindfulness or not. Look for classes that embody a sense of listening, respect and openness. It can also be good to look closely at the personal attributes of the teachers/facilitators and any senior students, as this is what you will be cultivating if you practise there.

If connecting with others on Facebook is of interest to you, Richard recommends Their website also provides some good information and inspiration without needing to access social media.

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