Skip to 0 minutes and 3 secondsWelcome to the Importance of Money in Business. This course is about business success and the role that money plays in it. Leeds University Business School has created this course in partnership with ICAEW because we both believe passionately in promoting a better understanding of how businesses work in the real world. What is a business? Richard Branson says "it's an idea that makes other people's lives better." But it takes more than a great idea to get a business off the ground, make it a success, and keep it on track. We hope this course will give you an insight into what it takes and why money plays such a significant role.

Skip to 0 minutes and 49 secondsYou will hear from people who are responsible for managing money within a range of businesses, not for profits, and other organisations. You'll see that people from all types of backgrounds enter the world of finance and accounting. Each week in this course we will look at some of the key skills needed to make an effective contribution in real businesses. And there will be an opportunity to reflect upon your own skill set. We hope many of you will come away knowing that you can approach the world of business with confidence.

Skip to 1 minute and 23 secondsIn the weeks ahead we will be looking at how businesses can successfully grow, how they keep on track financially day-to-day, and how organisations report activities and communicate their success to the wider world. But before we move on, please take the opportunity to introduce yourself, share your motivations for joining this course, and find out more about your fellow learners.

Welcome to the course

This video introduces you to Peter Moizer and Alice Shepherd, the educators for the course, and provides an overview of the four weeks ahead.

This week we will be exploring the foundations of any successful business or organisation. We will consider the issues involved when setting up a business, the dangers of ignoring the role that careful cash management plays, and why a business plan is critical to business survival. We’ll also see some of the skills needed by individuals if they are going to help make a business a success.

If you would like to see an overview of the topics this course will cover, there is a course map you can view in the downloads section below.

Who will support your learning?

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Peter Moizer Alice Shepherd
Nick Scott Kieran Maguire
Louisa Hill Toyin Oseni
Jacqueline Grisdale  

Introduce yourself

Having watched the video spend a few minutes introducing yourself and finding out more about your fellow learners; share your reasons for joining this course and your expectations for the journey ahead. Simply click on the comments option and start typing.

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What’s next?

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