Prepare for the quiz

Before starting the quiz we suggest you reproduce what Ian did in the video, using the LED24 data in the Command Line Interface.

Make a test file with 100,000 instances. Precede all filenames below with an appropriate directory specification, surrounded by quotation marks if necessary.

java weka.datagenerators.classifiers.classification.LED24 -n 100000 
        -o test.arff

(The Command Line Interface gives no output; you need to look for the file to see if it has worked.)

Make a training file with 10,000,000 instances:

 java weka.datagenerators.classifiers.classification.LED24 -n 10000000 
        -o train.arff

Apply NaiveBayesUpdateable:

 java weka.classifiers.bayes.NaiveBayesUpdateable -t train.arff 
        -T test.arff -v

(This takes about 30 secs on my computer. The “-v” suppresses evaluation on the training file, which the Command Line Interface does by default.)

Verify that Weka runs out of memory if cross-validation is attempted:

 java weka.classifiers.bayes.NaiveBayesUpdateable -t train.arff

Weka will become unresponsive, although you will probably not get an error message. (Unfortunately it is difficult to trap and report out-of-memory errors in a Java program.)

If you feel brave, repeat the exercise with a 100,000,000-instance training file.

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