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Name the languages

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You have watched the Speaking Your Language video. Spoken by 20 people, you’ll have heard a large number of different languages. Some you may have recognised. Some you may not know what they are. Here is a little quiz for you: can you name the language(s) each person speaks? Above are the 20 participants in the video, each with their pseudonym.

So, what language(s) do Ugo, Tina, Sam, Roz, etc. speak? Post your answer in the comments below. If others before you have already identified the language(s) spoken by a particular person, you do not need to repeat them. Just add the ones that are still missing or – if you think one has been identified wrongly - write what you think is the correct language.

If you wish, also tell us and your fellow-learners how you come to recognise a particular language: is it one of the languages spoken in your country? Is it one of the languages you’ve learnt? Do you know someone who speaks this language? Have you travelled to the country/countries where this language is spoken?

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