Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsWell, in the first five years of having rheumatoid arthritis, I did try - I was recommended to try by my consultant at the time - withdrawing certain foods from my diet. So I tried, I think, it was two weeks without red meat, two weeks without alcohol, two weeks without citrus fruits. And I didn't do without dairy produce, or without bread or gluten and things, because I just found - the three things I did try, it made no difference whatsoever.

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 secondsIt was just making me miserable having to think what I could and couldn't have, and if you're going out to a friends, or going out for a meal, it wasn't so easy to know what was in foods as it is now. And so, I thought no, blow it, it's not made any difference. I'm going to eat what I like. In terms of diet, I still eat too many chips, sort of thing. But in terms of diet, nothing used to be a problem for me.

Skip to 1 minute and 11 secondsI've never had a pizza, never wanted one, or spaghetti, or them sort of foods and things. Although, I've heard people say that they are good for you. I'm of an age where you ate your fruit, your meat and veg, and you had to eat your greens. And if you didn't eat them for your dinner they got served up for your tea, you know?

Skip to 1 minute and 32 secondsSo, yes, I've always had - I've liked fruit and vegetables, where my children, I found I couldn't get it down them. But I've always persevered with that. So, it's very traditional English diet, you know, meat and two veg. And that's what I still like. A roast dinner is the best thing on earth. I don't think it has changed a lot. I have cereals in the morning, then I cook a meal mid-day, then I'll have a sandwich about six o'clock. And then with my last couple of - I have to take four tablets at night - so I always have - and they say take with food - so I have a couple of biscuits.

Skip to 2 minutes and 11 secondsAnd that's all I have during the day. I haven't really been given any specific advice. Obviously, with a view to having increased risk of heart attack and stroke, I'm careful as to what I eat in terms of cholesterol. And obviously, it's good to eat a wide and varied diet, and especially lots of leafy green veg, and lots of fruit as well. So no, I pretty much eat what I like, but I do eat healthily and have done for years. It's always - they're talking about salt, and sugar, and fibre, that sort of thing - that's all really that they ever mention. So we've cut out salt, we don't have salt in anything anymore.

Skip to 3 minutes and 0 secondsI don't have any sugar in my house anymore. Although, obviously, there is sugar in things that you eat that you don't perhaps realise. So I always try to look at the little traffic lights on the package and stuff like that. I don't think in terms of what I'm eating now and how that might affect me physically, or in my body, or things like that.

Skip to 3 minutes and 26 secondsSo I would say, no, I don't think of it in a conscious sort of way. But I'm not adventurous with food. And I do stick to basic English food, sort of thing, you know. I just eat normal food. I have meat, fish, anything really, it doesn't seem to upset me. In terms of advice in terms of food, I've never said to people, don't have that, or don't have that, because it does this or that. It can affect you one way or the other. From that point of view, no. With regards to diet, if you want to try a diet without certain things, then by all means do, but I don't pin too much hope on that being effective.

Skip to 4 minutes and 24 secondsBut some people do. Some say that eating tomatoes, or taking tomatoes out of the diet, makes a difference to the inflammatory response. But, I say, I didn't find anything in that line. My appetite has gone down a lot since I got older, but I still find it hard to reduce weight. But I do try, I have my five a day. And I've been on so many diet regimes [LAUGHS] and I'm done with it.

Skip to 4 minutes and 51 secondsBecause at the end of the day, you still put the weight back on, so you've got to continually work at it. So I try really hard to take lots of fruit and vegetables. I try and drink plenty of water. I think that I have tried very hard, but there are occasions where you want to binge and have a party and a bit of cake, a glass of wine.

Patients discuss their dietary choices

This week, we have seen how important a healthy diet is for optimising musculoskeletal health.

In this video, we talk to our Patients as Educators to find out what foods they eat and discover whether they have ever been given dietary advice.

What factors influence your dietary choices for musculoskeletal health and ageing?

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