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Thanks and acknowledgements

It just remains for us to thank all of the many people who have made it possible to get this course onto your screens.

Our Lead Educators

Lesley Iwanejko
Michael Trenell and
Peter Grabowski

would like thank:


Ilaria Bellantuono
Gemma Stephens
Alexandra Allen
Leah Avery
Rebecca Brown
Christopher Buckley
Michael Gunther
Robin Crompton
Vanessa Halliday
Malcolm Jackson
Alvaro Martinez Guimera
Claudia Mazza
Eugene McCloskey
Sarah Moore
Silvia Pancani
Hilary Powers
Russell Savage
Daryl Shanley
Tim Skerry
Carol Skidmore
Luca Tagliapietra
Nicholas Thomas
Mark Wilkinson
Jeremy David Wilson

Our Patients as Educators

Angela Chadwick
Rosemary Fletcher
Pam Hudson
Michael Smallwood

Our volunteers

Nduka Okwose
David Houghton

Our mentor

Simon D Bowles

The University of Sheffield Online Learning Team

David Holloway
Laura Giles
Chris Black
Anna Symington
Rob Spark
Layla Croll
Kieran Bentley


Special thanks to Beanies Wholefoods Co-op and The University of Sheffield Students’ Union Shop.

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