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This content is taken from the The University of Glasgow's online course, Music Copyright: Understanding UK Copyright Law When Working with Music. Join the course to learn more.

Welcome to the course

Welcome to the course on Music Copyright.

We are delighted to introduce ourselves - the educators for this course - and provide you with an overview of the weeks ahead.

My name is Sukhpreet Singh and I will be your lead educator for this course. I work at the CREATe Copyright Centre based at the University of Glasgow. I run online study programmes such as the Postgraduate Certificate in IP, Innovation and the Creative Economy (www.create.ac.uk/study). My research looks at management of informal IP rights.

Kris Erickson, Lecturer in Intellectual Property and Innovation at the University of Glasgow, will join me in this course as your educator. Kris’s research with online creative communities looks at how they respond to copyright and what sort of incentives are most important to them.

It is anticipated that it will take around four hours to complete the tasks during this week. This includes watching videos, joining discussions, reading articles and completing any exercises. There is also real value in engaging more in the discussions, watching the full video case studies, and following up on extra resources, so do plan time for this as well.

Who will support your learning?

Bart Meletti, Copyright Education Creative Director at the University of Glasgow, will be your mentor during this course, aiming to support you as a group.

Introduce yourself

Please do introduce yourselves in this discussion post. Tell us and your peer learners about where you are from and your role or interest in music and how copyright impacts your work. You might like to follow other course participants who have similar interests to yours so that you can learn together and share experiences.

What’s next?

Over the next two weeks, you will gain an understanding of how UK copyright law regulates music production and distribution. In the first week, we will explore what copyright is, what can it protect and for how long, and, what it doesn’t protect. We will hear from musicians talking about real copyright issues such as how to borrow from someone else’s music when producing your own. We will learn about how to seek permission to reuse music, and when, under certain conditions, you can use copyright works without permission - something known as copyright exceptions.

In the second week, you will learn how you can exploit your rights in the music you create. Artists can earn money through different licensing options and innovative business models. You will learn how copyright differentiates between different contributions in a work. You will also explore ways in which you can reach a wider audience and make money from your creations, either using traditional routes such as recording and publishing deals, or newer internet enabled models.

Hope you enjoy this course on ‘Music Copyright’.

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