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Summary week 1

This week we have looked at basic principles concerning how you can protect your work with copyright, and how you can lawfully reuse other people’s work.

You have learned some useful rules of thumb that help you understand whether a particular work is still in copyright or in the public domain. You have also explored the difference between ideas and their expression, which constitutes a fundamental principle of copyright law. Finally, you were provided with a general overview of what you need to bear in mind when you wish to reuse someone else’s work, including important concepts such as substantial part and copyright exceptions.

It has been great to hear your views on whether the current copyright system is fit for purpose with regard to duration and scope of protection. Thanks for your contribution to such an important debate!

In the next week, you will explore more specific aspects of UK copyright law concerning the production and distribution of music. You will get practical knowledge of topics such as the different copyright works involved in a piece of music, the difference between a musical composition and a sound recording, licensing, recording and publishing deals, and self-release, among others.

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Music Copyright: Understanding UK Copyright Law When Working with Music

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