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This content is taken from the University of York's online course, Next Steps to University: From Choosing A Course to Your First Assessment. Join the course to learn more.

Skip to 0 minutes and 4 secondsWelcome to the course - I'm Andy Parsons and on behalf of everyone at York, we're delighted that you've joined us for the next couple of weeks. Over that time, we'll aim to make your transition to university as seamless as possible. In this first week, we'll cover everything from how to make the right decisions for you on applying, to settling in and making the most of Freshers Week - along the way, we'll hear from current students who have already made that journey, look at the wide range of support thats available, and hopefully allay any concerns you may have.

Skip to 0 minutes and 45 secondsYou'll soon be joining the global academic community, so with that in mind, I'd encourage you to add your comments and thoughts as we progress through the course so we can share our collective thinking - there really is no such as a wrong question! Thanks again for joining us - we hope you have an informative and fun fortnight!

Welcome to the course

Welcome to our course, Next Steps for University.

Professor Andy Parsons is an Admissions Tutor here at the University of York - anyone who has undertaken FutureLearn courses with us before may recognise him as lead educator on Exploring Everyday Chemistry.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll offer you a friendly guide to what coming to university is all about (it’s OK to be a little nervous, we can help with that too!) and how to make the most of your transition to the world of higher education. We’ll focus initially on making the ‘move’ to university (whether you’re moving home or commuting in), top tips for independent living, and the support that’s available to help you settle in; in the second week, we’ll offer an insight into how teaching and learning actually happen at university, and the skills we can help you develop so you’re well-placed to succeed.

It may sounds like a lot of ground to cover… but by the end, we hope we’ll have helped you map out your own journey to university and offer a better idea of what to expect when you arrive!

We’d recommend that you follow some of our educators (who are also current students at the University of York) from the list below so you can see their comments as they appear:

Throughout the course, you will also encounter a number of talking head videos from current students - these have been filmed from home during the pandemic - and we hope that you enjoy hearing first-hand experiences from those who have already made the transition to higher education.

Many of you will be familiar with the FutureLearn platform so we’ll get the ‘housekeeping matters’ out of the way in the next step. After that we’ll dive straight into the main topics for this week.

We hope that you enjoy the course, and again, please do take every opportunity to contribute to the discussions which will be taking place.

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Next Steps to University: From Choosing A Course to Your First Assessment

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