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Combination with the verb “to look”

The English expression to look + adjective (He looks old) is in Norwegian constructed with the verb å se + adjective + (the adverb) UT.

The adjectives follow the patterns we described in week 1 and 2.

Below, this is demonstrated with the adjectives FIN (nice) and GAMMEL (old).

Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural
Bilen ser fin ut Boka ser fin ut Huset ser fint ut Bilene/Bøkene/Husene ser fine ut
The car looks nice The book looks nice The house looks nice The cars/books/houses look nice

Bilen ser gammel ut Boka ser gammel ut Huset ser gammelt ut Bilene/Bøkene/Husene ser gamle ut
The car looks old The book looks old The house looks old The cars/books/houses look old

Denne bilen ser veldig gammel ut!

Disse bøkene ser også veldig gamle ut

Og dette huset ser definitivt gammelt ut!

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