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Læringsmål denne uken


You completed the first three weeks on LearnNoW 2 and now you’re entering your final week on the course.

This week, we are going to follow the Vidals while they’re juggling everyday life’s duties and leisure time.

Life can be demanding at times, and so will this week.

We hope you had the time to practise what we did last week and learn how to use the simple past tense to tell about actions and events that are concluded in the past.

This week, we are going to introduce a second past tense which we can use when telling about actions that started in the past but still continue in the present. You will find some similarities to the “present perfect” tense in English, or perhaps to a tense in your mother tongue, but be aware that the meaning and the way the tense is used can be different.

In addition, we are also introducing new sentence structures which will allow us to vary and refine our communication skills. By reading about what the Vidals do during the week, you will learn how to structure sentences in Norwegian.

We encourage you to write, read and talk as often as you can within your learning community, but we also think you are ready to take a step outside in the big world and start communicating with Norwegians.

If you haven’t tried it before, this is the time to download some Language Exchange Apps !

This is what you are going to learn this week:

What to learn

* Kindergarten
* Education and leisure
* School

Main grammar

* Present perfect tense of the verb
* Word order - subordinate clauses
* Adjectives - definite form (double definite)

Enjoy this final week on LearNoW 2!

After that you’ll be ready for Course 3!

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